Designed with the bullet shape at either end, this smooth rollerball features a strong magnetic cap that canbe posted on the end whilst writing.
Bullet Rollerball
Real Diamond pieces,produced as a by product of Diamond cutting have been combined with coloured resins to produce simply one of the most unique and beautiful pens.
The Diamond
Vintage watch parts have been bent to shape and attached to a painted brass tube. The tube has then been added to a piece of Spalted Beech and then cast in clear resin before being hand turned on the lathe and polished.
Material from the famous Conway Stewart  company has been sourced and used to create this stunning fountain pen. The rhodium and black titanium accents set off this wonderful material. Fitted with a high quality medium nib this pen comes with a converter to use bottled ink, but will also use standard international cartridges.
'Conway Stewart' Collection
Beautifully weighted ballpoint in Cross cut Laburnum.
The Cotswold
Reclaimed Oak from The Great Hall Christchurch College Oxford - Which was featured in the Harry Potter films....Now that's Magic!! The must have gift for the Hogwarts fan!
The Wizard
One for the outdoors type! Based on a 30 calibre shell, operated by cocking like a rifle. Takes a Parker Style refill. In Cocobolo (Dalbergia Retusa)
Bolt Action Bullet
Symbolising the evolution from wood to the mechanical age. Spalted Beech has been creatively combined with vintage watch parts, encased in crstal clear resin before being hand turned to shape and polished.  A  statement piece.
Evolution Fountain Pen
Genuine Cobra skin has been cast into clear resin to produce a stuning, distinctive pen.