A commemorative postage stamp has been combined with Pitch Pine to show Bowie emeging as Ziggy Stardust from the Aladdin Sane album.
Bowie Collection
Cocobolo and vintage watch parts have been cast in clear resin and then hand turned and polished on the lathe.
Steampunk Evolution
Pine Cones and Alder Cones have been combined with different coloured resins to create a stunning ballpoint.
A genuine fishing fly has been cast in crystal clear resin. Then turned to shape and polished on the lathe.
The Thames
Aluminium and Copper have been wrapped around a brass tube, a vintage watch face has been added to the cap. The tubes are then cast in clear resin before being hand turned on the lathe and polished.
Steampunk Fountain
Pine and Alder Cones are combined with coloured resins ti produce these totally unique Fountain Pens. This comes fitted with an Iridium tipped medium nib and bottled ink converter. It will also take the standard International cartridges
Autumn Fountain Pen
A lovely weighty ballpoint with the added bonus of an inductive touchscreen styluson the other end!
Touchscreen - Beech
A blue wing feather from the Jay has been encapsulated in clear resin to produce this simply stunning ballpoint.
Here in Bethlehem Olive or Cocobolo. A fantastic fountain pen, with the option of posting the cap on either end. Takes a Standard International cartridge and also comes with a converter to use bottled ink.
The Burford